In this section of Drama Llama Press we interview some of the movers and shakers in the world of books, publishing and design. If you would like to be interviewed then please contact us.

Cult Pens staff Member Herbie
Cult Pens Staff member Herbie

We start off our series of interviews by talking to Simon Walker, co-founder of Cult Pens, the iconic website with the widest range of pens on the planet and out-of-this-world customer service.

Back in 2001, sick of London’s rat race and determined to escape their “back room IT” jobs in banking, Simon and Amanda Walker decided to go off travelling for a year. They took their motorhome all over Europe including France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Italy. “We wanted to travel and get our heads together,” explains Simon.

It was once they returned to Blighty and were visiting Simon’s parents in Dartmouth that the topic of a friends’ stationery shop for sale came up. It was a low key business in a very scenic town and appealed to the nerdy duo. The shop was a general store selling art materials, pens and office supplies, how hard could it be? … more

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